Updated qualifications for the wine industry

Revised Wine Industry Operations qualifications now online

Following extensive industry consultation, Wine Industry Operations – Cert II and Cert III have been revised, updated and modernised.

The review was undertaken given industry feedback which suggested that the qualifications no longer accurately reflected job roles and work functions.

The review focused on the following:

  • better efficiency and productivity
  • innovation in technology, processes and methods
  • increased emphasis on wine as a customer focused industry, especially in sales and service
  • environmental impacts and water availability
  • leadership in the vineyard and production sectors
  • clear employment and qualification pathways.



Skilling South Australia: Initiative to support more apprentices and trainees

Skilling South Australia is helping more people get skills and qualifications to build lasting careers and meet the needs of industry.

The initiative encompasses a range of activities to support more apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities in South Australia.

The South Australian Government is committed to ensuring that these opportunities are attractive to jobseekers, business and industry, and meets the state’s skills needs now and in the future.

For more information, visit SkillingSA

Up 1200 educational scholarships available for South Australians

The Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia offers support for a minimum of 1200 undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational education and training students to undertake study, training and internships in South Australia.

It aims to improve skills and employment opportunities linked to priority industries in South Australia. It also creates opportunities for workers in industries experiencing structural adjustment and retrenchment.

The program delivers on the Australian Government’s 2016 election commitment to provide up to $24 million over four years for a minimum of 1200 scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational education and training students to undertake study, training and internships in South Australia.

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • be eligible to undertake an approved program of study*
  • be aged 15-64 years at commencement of study
  • be a new student or in the first year of your study program
  • be living in, or able to relocate to, South Australia for the duration of the scholarship
  • be willing and able to participate in an internship (where applicable)
  • intend to enter the workforce or accept employment in South Australia at the end of your course of study or training.

For further information and to apply, please visit the dedicated website for the Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia.

Looking for an international student to help in your wine business?

Looking for an international student to help in your wine business?

StudyAdelaide’s Employer Portal connects South Australian companies with international students to help them grow their export business via the ‘easy’ 485 visa (not to be confused with the 457 visa).  The student is responsible to secure the visa and they are then able to be employed under the same conditions as an Australian citizen for between two to four years.

If you are concerned about what an international student could do have a look at the examples of Placement Ideas.  Project examples include:

  • competitor and gap analysis
  • trade mission preparation
  • distribution strategy
  • hosting international delegation
  • Language specific marketing material or social media development

Follow this link to the Employer Portal Flyer.

Government proposes new tax arrangements for backpackers

Following widespread stakeholder concern with the Federal Government’s proposal in 2015-16 budget to tax working holiday visa holders at 32.5 per cent from the first dollar earned, known as the “backpacker tax”, the Federal Department of Agriculture has consulted with stakeholders, including the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA).

During the consultation SAWIA was able to provide practical examples by members of the importance of working holiday visa holders to the wine industry and how the “backpacker tax” would be detrimental to the wine industry. SAWIA argued that the working holiday visa stream has been very successful and that the “backpacker tax” should be withdrawn as it would have a damaging impact on wine industry employers who despite their best efforts cannot fill casual vintage jobs with local applicants.

In response to the review, the Federal Government on 27 September 2016, announced a set of changes to the tax and visa arrangements for working holiday visa holders. The proposal by the Government, includes but is not limited to:

  • withdrawing the original proposal of a 32.5 per cent tax for working holiday visa holders; and
  • introducing a tax rate of 19 per cent from the first dollar earned up to $37,000, with ordinary marginal tax rates applying thereafter.

The proposed changes will require the enactment of laws and regulations. SAWIA will continue to monitor the implementation of the legislation. For more information contact SAWIA on telephone +61 8 8222 9277 or email.