Welcome to Careers in Wine

buildingSAWIA is pleased to introduce our new Careers in Wine website , the outcome of the South Australian Wine Industry Employment Project.

This website is designed to promote careers in the industry and provide assistance to wine industry employers with various tools and materials relevant to improving their workplace training and knowledge.

This is a unique resource for the Australian wine industry. Its aim is to provide better  information about the numerous career pathways and opportunities the industry has to offer beyond being a winemaker or viticulturalist.

The website hosts three short videos introducing people who have used  diverse ranges of skills and qualifications and applied them to careers in the wine industry.  The videos  promote working in regional South Australia with real stories from people who have been given opportunities, experienced innovation and developed passion for  the wine industry.

While the website will be promoted to students currently choosing career paths, it is also a valuable on-line tool for wine industry employers to better understand the value and need to formalise “on the job” training of employees.

SAWIA would like to take this opportunity to thank the assistance of the SA Government, whose Skills for All initiative has gone a considerable way to making this Project a reality.