Effective On The Job Training

When providing on the job training it is to put some kind of structure around your training to ensure that all employees are learning everything they need to know. An ad hoc approach can leave information gaps, or cause confusion if different information comes from a variety of sources within the business.

Establishing formal systems and procedures is not difficult, time consuming or expensive, and it can save a lot of potential problems down the track.

The South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA), with support from the State Government, has put together a simple guide to help you build an effective on-the-job training program. It includes templates and support tools for instructors, these can be accessed below in four handy fact sheets.

We urge all winemaking and grape growing businesses to read the information and consider what steps they may need to take to formalise their training programs.

If you would like support or further information, please contact the SAWIA.

Effective on the job Training (OJT) – PDF

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When OJT is used, employees learn in the workplace through actual working conditions under the supervision and guidance of their manager and/or peers, who are the “job knowledge experts” and who are what you might call ‘coaches’. The employee learns by observing the coach performing the job and trying to imitate their behaviour. Download the PDF.


Trainers Guide – (PDF)

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A Step by Step guide Trainers guide.


case example – PDF

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Example of how to utilise the OJT kit



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This training register template will help you record on the job training you provide to your workers.

It can be completed for one employee only or for more than one if the training is provided to a group of workers.