SAWIA advocacy results in greater access to skilled regional migration

Annually, the South Australian Department of State Development (DSD) undertakes detailed labour force analysis to determine the occupations in which skills shortages could benefit from migration. The advocacy by the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) has resulted in that the wine industry can continue to enjoy greater access to skilled regional migration.

In 2015 SAWIA was able to convince DSD to add the viticulturist and winemaker occupations to the list of skilled occupations that can be utilised to apply for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) and the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190). This gave wine industry employers greater access to skilled labour through the migration system.

For 2016 our focus was to ensure that the viticulturist and winemaker positions should be retained on the list of skilled occupations. Given that the wine industry is a significant export industry, having employees of a cultural and linguistic background that is relevant to the key export markets may provide a major benefit. For example, they can provide an insight into the culture and values of the export market that will assist the winery with their export efforts. Secondly and equally important, they can describe the winemaking process and sensory aspects to tourist and business visitors. Both of these provide a valuable resource to the South Australian wine industry especially as exports to China increases, supported by the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, and Chinese visitor numbers increase.

SAWIA is pleased that wine industry employers are able to utilise the regional skilled migration system to fill skills shortages. To access the State-Nominated Skilled Occupation List, visit Immigration SA.