Excellent opportunities

A career in the South Australian Wine Industry can take a number of different pathways – all with in-built learning opportunities, challenges and rewards. For example, If your interest is in the outdoor production side of the industry, there’s so much more than planting and pruning! Your path can take you from operating machinery and dealing with plant diseases and pests to managing irrigation and environmental performance or business planning.

If it’s wine processing that appeals, there’s opportunity to learn about classic grape varieties; wine grape production; sensory evaluation of wine; and basic winemaking.

But the South Australian wine industry is more than growing grapes and making wine.  The industry also employs engineers, coopers, tank manufacturers, printers, research and development people, bottling, packaging and warehousing staff.  Then there are accountants, human resource specialists, administration and management support – and exciting careers in export, cellar door sales and marketing.  Tourism and hospitability add yet another dimension to the wine industry, with huge interest from both domestic and international travellers! you can choose a career pathway to match your own personal skills, life role needs and ambition.

 academic pathway or earn while you learn

There are so many option to gain qualifications in the South Australian Wine Industry.

Depending on your chosen field, you could study for a Bachelors or Masters Degree or even a Doctorate at University or an Agricultural college – or you could progressively work through various Certificates in Viticulture or Food Processing (Wine) at TAFE or other Registered Training Organisations whilst your “on the job”.

You don’t have to be ‘an academic’ to be successful in these vocational courses. They take account of the work you do – the practical experience you gain at work and the skills you use – and often they’re done during work time with financial support from your employer.

Either way, you’ll be nationally accredited. That means, if you choose to travel, you take your qualifications with you.


an industry that welcomes people

People who work in the Australian wine industry come from all walks of life and all stages of their life cycles – including:

Young people with passion who travel to Europe for the northern vintage or map out exiting careers in Australia;

  • Dual career couples who thrive on the technological growth in the industry and the opportunity to use their IT skills and knowledge;
  • Mums and dads raising young children who appreciate the flexibility the industry can offer;
  • People planning their retirement who welcome opportunities for work/life balance.


current employees who have good things to say

 Check out the career videos on this site to see why people working in the industry were attracted to it and why they have stayed.

So planning a career in the Australian wine industry is simply about taking the pathway to what you want in life.