Usual entry point 

  • Vineyard Hand

What would help you get a job

  • Any previous experience pruning or spraying
  • Experience driving tractors or similar machinery
  • Written and verbal communications skills
  • Mathematical aptitude
  • Certificate 1 in Viticulture
  • Forklift Licence/ Truck Drivers Licence
  • Understanding of chemicals and their uses
  • Preference to work outdoors enjoy gardening or physical work
  • Demonstrated ability to “stick at” manual work
    First Aid Certificate

What type of work

  • Pruning vines or harvesting grapes – may operate a mechanical pruner or harvester
  • Mixing and spraying chemicals to control weeds
  • Straining wires, replacing posts, constructing trellises
  • Driving Tractor
  • Soil preparation and fertiliser application

 What Type of training

  • VET Certificate of Viticulture
  • Forklift licence
  • Truck Drivers Licence
  • Certificate in Farm Chemicals

Opportunities for promotion

  • Assistant supervisor
  • Assistant vineyard manager
  • vineyard manager
  • Viticulturist

Related jobs in the field

  • Technical Officer
  • Irrigation Officer
  • Agribusiness Manager

Additional benefits in the work

  • Opportunity to travel and work regionally
  • potential to own a vineyard after years of experience working for others